About the case studies project

This website is developed by the Shelter Projects Working Group of the Global Shelter Cluster, and is a repository for over 200 case studies, overviews and updates of post-disaster and post-conflict shelter projects, originally published in the "Shelter Projects" series of six books: “Shelter Projects 2015-2016”, “Shelter Projects 2013-2014”, “Shelter Projects 2011-2012”, “Shelter Projects 2010”, “Shelter Projects 2009” and “Shelter Projects 2008".


During the period covered by the Shelter Projects series, millions of people worldwide have been forcibly displaced due to conflict and persecution or by natural disaster. The corresponding scale of the need for humanitarian shelter support has required a diversity of approaches that go beyond simple design solutions.

The project summaries included in the Shelter Projects series, and that can be downloaded from this website, aim to illustrate some of the project options available to organisations working in both post-disaster and post-conflict situations, as well as to support learning from the strengths and weaknesses of different projects. The focus of this book is on projects that maximise emergency response funds to support sustainable recovery.


The target audience is humanitarian managers and shelter programme staff from local, national and international organizations at all levels of experience. Shelter Projects is also a useful resource for advocacy purposes, showcasing the work done by the sector, as well as for research and capacity building activities.

Technical Working Group

The project is overseen by the Shelter Projects 2015-2016 Working Group of the Global Shelter Cluster, consisting of shelter specialists representing key organisations who provide shelter assistance.

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