Shelter Projects 9 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS

We are currently looking for new shelter and settlements case studies that took/are taking place during 2020-2022 to be included in the Shelter Projects 9th edition that will be published in 2023. 

 The abstracts can be submitted in ARABIC, ENGLISH, FRENCH, and SPANISH, but note that case studies will be developed predominantly in ENGLISH. (Efforts will be made to accommodate requests and support the development of case studies in multiple languages)

Criteria for inclusion

The Shelter Projects Working Group panel will use the following criteria as a guide to agree on which case studies should be included:

  • The project has to be directly related to the Shelter and Settlements sector, including beyond shelter: NFI distributions, Cash for Shelter, HLP, Site Planning, IEC materials, market-based programmes etc.
  • The shelter project must be wholly completed, or solid learnings can be gained from the project implementation to date.
  • Given the scale of emergency shelter need every year, case studies must have had large-scale impacts. Discontinued trials or design concepts will not be included.
  • Accurate project information is available from staff involved in the project implementation.
  • The case studies should illustrate a diversity of approaches to meet shelter need.

Instructions to submit

[English] – Please find Arabic, French and Spanish below

To submit a case study, please download the form below and send the completed form by email to . Abstracts will be evaluated according to the criteria outlined above, and authors of selected abstracts will be invited to develop the full case study.

DOWNLOAD the submissions form here

Deadline for submission of abstracts 27th of May 2022. For questions or specific requests please contact us at

[French] Instructions:
Pour soumettre une étude de cas, veuillez télécharger le formulaire ci-dessous et envoyer le formulaire rempli par e-mail à <>. Les résumés seront évalués selon les critères énoncés ci-dessus, et les auteurs des résumés sélectionnés seront invités à développer l'étude de cas complète.
DOWNLOAD le formulaire de soumission ici
Date limite de soumission des résumés: 27 mai 2022. Pour toute question ou demande spécifique, veuillez nous contacter à

[Spanish] Instrucciones:
Para enviar un estudio de caso, descargue el siguiente formulario y envíelo por correo electrónico a <>. Los resúmenes se evaluarán de acuerdo con los criterios expuestos anteriormente, y se invitará a los autores de las propuestas seleccionados a desarrollar el caso de estudio completo.
DOWNLOAD el formulario de presentacion aquí
Plazo de presentación de resúmenes 27 de mayo de 2022. Para preguntas o solicitudes específicas, póngase en contacto con nosotros en:


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DOWNLOAD the submissions form here
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