Submit a case study

Currently, we are not actively collecting new case studies. When we will start developing the next edition, we will update this section and launch a call for submissions. However, we may still consider submissions - see the section below.

Case study template

If you wish to submit a case study for consideration, please contact us first, and refer to the following template at this link submission format

Criteria for inclusion

The panel uses the following criteria as a guide to agree on which case studies should be included:

  • The shelter project must be wholly completed, or solid learnings can be gained from the project implementation to date.
  • Given the scale of emergency shelter need every year, case studies must have had large-scale impacts. Discontinued trials or design concepts will not be included.
  • The majority of the project must be implemented within the first year following a natural disaster, or over longer timeframes for recovery processes. For conflict, chronic emergencies and return processes, longer time scales will be considered.
  • Accurate project information is available from staff involved in the project implementation.
  • The case studies should illustrate a diversity of approaches to meet shelter need. Providing shelter is more than simply designing architecturally impressive structures.

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